Annual Meeting 2020: Alumni goes Online

Originally planned to be hosted in Split, Croatia, EIT Digital Alumni's Annual Meeting 2020 switched to an online format due the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The switch did not, however, dampen the spirits of our alumni as 60 participants turned up to be part of the proceedings.

The Annual Meeting kicked off with a presentation on the State of the Community by Jeroen van Lent, president of the foundation (slides).

Among other achievements, the foundation celebrated a year in which we largely pivoted online, through the Tuesday Afterwork series, the Startup Contest 2020 and even our first physical meeting in China. The community currently stands at 2049 members, 987 of whom are full alumni with voting rights.

This was followed by the roundtable discussion on The Societal Impact of EIT Digital Alumni, facilitated by Luca Vavassori and José Carlos Camposano.

EIT Digital Alumni Annual Meeting 2020 - Societal Impact


Amendments to Foundation By-laws & Election of Technology Officer (slides)

3 proposed amendments to the Foundation's by-laws were tabled by the Board:

3 candidates were presented for the position of Technology Officer of the Board of EIT Digital Alumni. They are:


Read more about the proposals and candidates, then cast your votes here (for full Alumni Members only). We need you to help us meet the quorum!


Important! If you are a full alumni but your account hasn't been upgraded yet, please contact us ASAP at


We are also glad that alumnus Ruud Visser brought a keynote presentation sharing his study and career journey with us. Ruud Visser, a former Software Engineer at Facebook and Instagram, and now a Founder Engineer at Doppler - a startup raised $2.3M to create the first universal secrets management solution for developers

Bonus: free Doppler trial for our Alumni

Our Alumnus (and Annual Meeting 2020 keynote speaker) Ruud Visser has generously offered a free Doppler trial for all EIT Digital Alumni.

Contact to claim your benefit.

p.s. Doppler is hiring.