Anand Bhaskaran

Motivation for applying to this position

I am a strong believer in the quote: "Collaboration is the only way we create the breakthrough". And in this COVID era, technology is the only enabler of collaboration. With a shared vision with the goals of EIT Digital Alumni, strong background in web-technologies, and my recent knowledge acquired during the MBA, I believe I could lead the technologies that act as the pillar of EIT Digital Alumni.

Vision and plans for the community

EIT Digital Alumni is a strong and vibrant community of engineers, entrepreneurs, and envisioners. My vision is to further enhance the active participation of community members in collaborations, discussions, and knowledge sharing. As a Technology Officer, I aim to increase participation at least by 50% in the span of one year with the help of our existing Board Members. I would achieve this not only by maintaining and adding new features but also by introducing new services, tools, and channels into the EIT Digital Ecosystem.

Why people should vote for me

4 reason why you should vote for me:
* I share the same vision of EIT Digital Alumni
* I envision further enhance the community participation by 50%
* With about 5+ years of software engineering expertise, I can drive the future technologies of EIT Digital Alumni
* My management skills (acquired during my MBA) could help in shaping the Alumni ecosystem

Tell us more about your past experience and involvement with the EIT Digital Alumni

Over recent years, I have been collaborating & participating in various EIT Digital Alumni events with the recent participation in Startup Alumni Contest. Additionally, I am one of the alumni mentors for the younger alumni and students.