2023 Events Recap

Reflecting upon 2023, we are thrilled to share a recap of a year that was brimming with exciting events and transformative changes within our community.

May: Annual Meeting in Madeira

The Annual Meeting was organised in the enchanting backdrop of Funchal in Madeira. Approximately 50 alumni immersed themselves in a variety of activities, including trips, insightful talks, skill-enhancing workshops, networking sessions, and professional growth opportunities. It was a time to both learn and relax, creating lasting memories.

Spring: Board Election

As spring unfolded, so did a pivotal moment for our community—the Board Election. With a term lasting two years, this election brought seven new members to our dedicated board, injecting fresh perspectives and ideas.

June: Board Handover in Brussels

In the bustling city of Brussels, the baton was gracefully passed from the outgoing board to the new one. A weekend meeting saw the exchange of essential resources and information, equipping the incoming board to embark on their term with confidence and readiness.

July-August: Summer Schools

We engaged with various summer schools, including one in Helsinki, where we had the privilege of presenting our vibrant community to students keen on joining our ranks.

September: Strategy Meeting in Milan

In Milan, the new board convened for its first meeting, strategizing for the upcoming two years. The weekend also included a local meetup, fostering connections among the alumni in Milan.

October: EIT Digital Master Kick-Off in Cluj-Napoca

A noteworthy event unfolded in Cluj-Napoca, where we met first-year master students, with some of our alumni serving as mentors to the challenge.

November: EIT Connect and Master Graduation Ceremony

November shone brightly with EIT Connect, the flagship event of EIT Alumni, bringing together alumni from the nine EIT kicks. Additionally, we participated in the EIT Digital Master Graduation Ceremony, extending a warm welcome to graduates as official members of the EIT Digital Alumni Foundation.

December: Local Reps Meeting in Berlin

Closing the year on a high note, Berlin hosted an enthusiastic gathering of local reps. The focus was on setting a strategic course for next year's local events, ensuring continued engagement and connection.

Local Meetups around Europe

Throughout the year, our dedicated local reps across Europe orchestrated a series of engaging events, fostering a sense of community and connection.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we express gratitude to our vibrant community for making these events memorable and meaningful. Here's to another year of growth, connection, and shared experiences in 2024!