Siyu's Munich Summer School: A Journey of Discovery

Meet Siyu, a talented student of EIT Digital who has recently concluded its summer school at Technical University of Munich in Germany. Siyu's summer school experience focused on the intriguing topic of "Methods and Tools for Resilient Industrial IoT."
Join us in getting to know Siyu and exploring its exciting adventure!

What was the summer school about?

During the two weeks, we learnt about how to use SysML and BPMN to model industrial processes, for advancing flexibility and robustness. We also took part in cases provided by some real companies to do practices.

Collaborating with real companies is what makes summer schools truly impactful. What company did you work with?






















I was assigned to a team to develop a business model for Selmo Technology GmbH. Selmo is an Austrian company which provides model-based solution (IDE, standards, services, etc.) for PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers, mainly used to control industrial machines). During the summer schools I got to really appreciate Selmo's philosophy. With the help of Selmo, PLC programming could be easy-to-start, flexible, and reliable at the same time.

Our team investigated and evaluated some industries which could benefit the most from model-based engineering. Then we chose testing lines as an example and developed a sample process and a business model.

What are the struggles you encountered while working on these tasks?

Unfortunately, our team lacked background knowledge about PLCs, which caused us to take more time to get familiar with some concepts. If we knew more about PLCs before, I think we could have done better. But we are still happy with the result!

Enough about the summer school, we want to know more about your free time in Munich!

Besides the summer school itself, the two-weeks journey in München was also wonderful. We had the opportunity to reunite with friends we first met during the kick-off in Tallinn, despite not attending the same university. We also made some new friends.

Moreover, some days after school, we went to some Biergartens (Beer Gardens) together, had a beer and ate Schweinshaxe (German Pork Knuckle). They are really delicious!

On the first Saturday, EIT Digital organized some team building activities in a place called Jochen Schweizer Arena. We split in two teams and played some interesting games there (our team even won!). After the games, we had a great buffet with barbecues. During these activities, we had the chance to chat and know each other better.

What are your final thoughts about the experience?

The two weeks flied very fast. We are gradually moving to another university for the second academic year. We had a memorable time. I hope to meet those new friends again in the future!

Bonus question: do you have some curiosity to share?

At TUM, we luckily met a German-style PhD graduation ceremony. The supervisor pulled a cart carrying the student, and the student wore a hat decorated by some elements which are related to their research fields. Their friends played the gongs and drums in the back. I posted a video about this ceremony on Xiaohongshu (a Chinese social media), and unexpectedly got more than 150k viewer!