About Us

The EIT Digital Alumni Foundation creates a vibrant, active and successful alumni network for EIT Digital. Our mission is to keep strong connections among fellow alumni and the EIT Digital ecosystem.

We organise meet-ups, maintain an engaged community and discussion forum, keep track of alumni careers and support students and alumni to get in contact with companies, public institutions and academia.

Our alumni are graduates of the EIT Digital Education programmes, as well as individuals who had a formal function in EIT Digital. The community also welcomes associate members and friends of EIT Digital.

EIT Digital Alumni was registered on 17 July 2014 as a non-profit Foundation with registration number 0556.809.197 and has its seat in Brussels, Belgium.

For all general inquiries please contact: alumni@eitdigital.eu

Take a look at the following slides and video if you would like to know more about our Community and get involved in our activities.