Board Elections 2023

This year, our Full Alumni members can elect or be elected as representatives for the new EIT Digital Alumni Board, which will continue the development and governance of our community for the next two years (July 2023 - July 2025).

Alumni interested in becoming part of the Board may apply for one of these positions. Click on the title for more information about the role and responsibilities (description opens in a new tab):

  • President: Chairs the Alumni Meetings and the meetings of the Alumni Board, supervises the activities of the other members of the Alumni Board, and represents the alumni community on the Governing Board.

  • Secretary: Responsible for the keeping track of the memberships, the organisation of the Alumni Meetings, the meetings of the Alumni Board, and makes the agenda and minutes of these meetings.

  • Treasurer: Responsible for the approval and filing of the costs and expenses, and for preparing the annual budget and annual accounts of the Foundation.

  • Events Officer: Responsible for the organisation of the events of the Foundation, the coordination with the local representatives, and the engagement with the community members.

  • Marketing & Communications Officer: Responsible for the marketing content production, communication channel operation, public relationship maintenance, and event marketing of the Foundation. 

  • Technology Officer: Responsible for the management of the Foundation website and software tools.

  • Outreach & Partnerships Officer: Responsible for maintaining strategic partnerships and negotiations with external third-parties, to obtain new benefits for the members of the Foundation.

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To be eligible to apply or to be appointed for a position, you must be registered on our website as full alumna or alumnus (i.e., graduated from the EIT Digital Master School, Doctoral School, or former employee of EIT Digital). Current students and Associate Members are not eligible to participate in the Board elections. Due to the covid-19 pandemic and recent graduation ceremony, your account may not be fully upgraded. Please contact us in case of problems.

After an application is submitted, it can still be edited or withdrawn until the end of the application period on March 31st, 23:59 CET.

The candidacy application is individual. However, you can run as a team by mentioning in your motivation text the candidate(s) for other position(s) with whom you would like to work.

According to our Foundation rules, you can be candidate for only one position at a time

On the 28th of February and 21st of March at 20:00, we will hold two open Board Meetings for candidates to experience what the work in the Alumni Board is like. During these meetings, the Alumni Board will carry out it's normal weekly agenda and open the floor for questions from potential candidates. You can join (a part of) these meetings on EIT Digital

The period to submit applications will be followed by the Election Period from April 4th to May 1st, 23:59 CET. During this time, all Alumni members can vote for their favourite candidates.

After the announcement of the Election winners, a two-month transition period will commence for the knowledge transfer between the outgoing and incoming Board, to prepare the new members to assume their new responsibilities.

We encourage the potential candidates to keep the weekend of June 9th-11th clear in their calendar for the Board Handover meeting - being held in a physical location to be defined. The new Alumni Board will officially commence their mandate on July 4th, 2023.

We are looking forward to many applications by enthusiastic members who will drive our Community further, so don't wait, apply today!

By participating and voting, you can show your support for the EIT Digital Alumni Foundation and your commitment to its mission.

Kind regards,

The EIT Digital Alumni Board