Graduation Party 2023 FAQ

Here are the answers to your remaining burning questions about our Graduation Party this Saturday. We are eager to meet you all. You can find the event details here


I didn't get any tickets for myself or a friend/partner, can I/they still join later?

The club will open to the general public at midnight, so they can join by then. We recommend they arrive as early as possible to avoid the queue and increase chances to get in.

Can I store my luggage at the club?

There is a cloakroom available for coats. However, space is limited. Even if they can allow a small bag, we do not recommend relying on it for cabin luggage or backpacks. 

I have an allergy, will you mark the food I can eat?

Even if detailed ingredients will not be marked, we will offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Will you provide a full dinner?

We will provide Spanish catering and pizzas. 

I will arrive late to the party, is my spot guaranteed?

If you bought your ticket, absolutely yes. We recommend arriving before 11pm, to enjoy the exclusive time we have together at the club with food and open-bar.

What is the dress code for the party?

Casual chic. The club doesn’t have any specific restriction, only to avoid sport clothes or shorts.

When should I be there?

Let’s meet at 9pm sharp! Food, drinks, good music and the board will be waiting 😀


We hope this answered some of your questions, if you have others, please shoot us a message on Instagram or drop us a mail at

See you all very soon.