Governing Board

The EIT Digital Alumni Foundation is governed by the Governing Board, consisting of:

  • Federico Menna, CEO of EIT Digital
  • Diva Tommei, Chief Education Officer of EIT Digital
  • Tim Brinkman, President of the EIT Digital Alumni Board

The Governing Board has the powers as provided for in article 34 and article 37 of the Law, and decides upon the annual Business Plan, including the annual budget of the Foundation.

The members of the Governing Board execute their mandate without remuneration. The Governing Board is chaired by the CEO of EIT Digital, Federico Menna.

Alumni Board

The EIT Digital Alumni Foundation is represented by the Alumni Board, which carries out the operational tasks in line with the Foundation's non-profit purpose and objectives. The Alumni Board also advises on strategy, with a goal of increasing and enhancing engagement among its network of alumni.

The Board consists of 7 elected volunteer members:

The Alumni Board is accountable to the Governing Board.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is in charge of advising the Alumni Board and consists of the current and past Presidents of the Alumni Foundation:

The Alumni and Advisory Boards are chaired by the President of the Alumni Foundation, Tim Brinkman.


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2014-2015 (EIT ICT Labs Alumni)

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