Tuesday Afterwork (series)

Event Description

The EIT Digital Alumni go online!

Meet other members of our community, listen to interesting talks and join the discussion from the comfort of your living room. We will gather every Tuesday at the same time via Google Meet.

Each week, there will be an exciting new topic and new speakers! Every session will be also hosted by a different member of the Alumni Board.


  • First 5 minutes: Technical check, greetings & what's up round
  • Next 15-20 minutes: Alumni presentation(s) + Q&A
  • Second half: Brainstorming, networking and closing remarks



  • Only one person speaks at a time. If there are 15+ participants, please type your question or call dibs by raising your hand in the chat (✋) and wait for the facilitator to give you the word
  • Please mute your mic when you are not speaking
  • Having the camera on is optional, but recommended to let others get to know you
  • BYOB 


CALENDAR OF TOPICS & SPEAKERS (subject to change)


** The list above will be updated every week with the links to the meeting room and recorded presentations **

Event Date
Event Location
Google Meet (online)