Tuesday Afterwork: Responsible design & development

Event Description


  • “Measuring sustainability” by Guillermo Guridi Mateos
    • "In this talk, I will talk about how the sustainability of companies is measured: What are the biggest challenges, possible solutions and open problems. Sustainability is not only about environmental impact, but also about social and economical one. Furthermore, the impact of an economic activity doesn't start at the company, but at the bottom of the supply chain, and it does not stop at sale, but at the end of the product lifecycle. Measuring all those aspects uniformly and reliably is still quite an open problem, but there are ways to move forward and provide the right tools to solve it. Technology-based solutions are on the rise and can provide the necessary scale for sustainability reporting to become accepted, required and most of all useful."
  • “Apps & accessibility: How to comply with the European Accessibility Act” by Jan Jaap de Groot
    • "Raising awareness that people with disabilities have the same phones as 'us' without disabilities, but they are not always able to use apps properly. For example, I am specialized in creating apps for people who are visually impaired or blind."

Q&A / Open discussion

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