Shashank Srivastava

Motivation for applying to this position

I am connected with the EIT Digital Alumni since I joined the EIT Digital master school in 2015. It started with a small gathering on a Pizza event while chatting with alumni and listening to their experiences in the student lounge of MetaForum building at TU Eindhoven. I am always motivated to connect with people and believe in constructive talks to create a better society and a positive environment. My motivation behind applying for the Technology Officer role is to give back to the community and strengthen it by utilizing new technologies and the power of available data. 

I believe a strong alumni community can help the whole EIT community to grow and make wonderful changes in society. I have an overall 2.5 years of experience as a software engineer and 3 years of experience as a data scientist. Currently, I am helping new ventures to make data analytics strategies that help them to build great products. I am confident that I can contribute a lot to the EIT digital alumni community as a Technology Officer.

Vision and plans for the community

We have really great people in the EIT Digital community, as the core idea of EIT Digital to bring technology and entrepreneurship together to make a better world. I would like to see us as a community to connect together and become part of a movement that brings constructive changes in the world. I would like to make use of available technologies that help us to make our website more attractive and helpful for our alumni.

Why people should vote for me

First of all, I request all of our alumni members to vote.

Our alumni members should vote for me because I firmly believe that I have strong motivation, the right capabilities, and relevant experience to become an efficient technology officer and a board member that strengthens the EIT Digital Alumni community.

I also wish good luck to all other candidates. For me winning and losing doesn’t matter, I will still be an active member of our alumni community.

Tell us more about your past experience and involvement with the EIT Digital Alumni

To keep my motivation in mind, I always try to be a part of the major digital alumni events such as annual meetings, local representative meetings, hackathons, and local events. I also volunteered to give a campus tour when new EIT Digital students arrived in their second year at TU Berlin. Also, I have represented the EIT Digital alumni community at the master school graduation day 2019 in Berlin. Currently, I am part of the local working group of digital alumni in Germany.

My latest involvement was during the COVID time with our first online Alumni Hack 2020, where I helped in organizing as well as I participated to find out new ideas that make the digital alumni website more useful and connected.