Meet the 22 participants of the Alumni Startup Contest 2020

The Startup Contest, previously known as the Ambassador Program, provides unique opportunities and support for the emerging startups in our Alumni community. Read more about the contest timeline, jury members and evaluation criteria here.

Between the 2nd and 28th of June 2020, we received 22 qualified alumni startup applications. Take a look at who they are and what motivates them! by Diego Guillen

"Customers do not always find exactly what they want at the convenience stores, and convenience stores want to increase their online sales and presence. We have developed a location based online marketplace, where consumers can buy exactly what they need from the convenience stores close by." by Erik Wouters


Citycharge by Dapeng Lan

"Citycharge gives customers power on demand through its network of portable power banks, whilst providing venues with a unique marketing tool that drives footfall and increases dwell time. Our solution is based on share economy concept and makes it sustainable, by leveraging newest Internet of Things and big data technologies."


ConnectIN by Claudia Chitu, Mehul Khoont and Vasilii Fedorov

"Digital identity and networking for students. We believe that this service (ConnectIN) will help to create strong communities among students and help them to communicate faster and safe."


Construqt by Tim Brinkman and Haseeb Asif

"Architects, engineers and constructors are missing an overview of sustainable construction materials and products available. This missing overview or support to find, compare and purchase sustainable construction materials and products results in high costs. We have developed an online service which finds, compares and purchases sustainable construction materials and products."


DocEverywhere by Claus Jungblut

"Helping travellers, exchange students, expats, refugees and workers abroad to find a doctor in their new country/city who speaks their language. We are offering a homepage which has doctors listed who speak different language. Worldwide, no sign up required and free of costs for the patient."


Doyban by Daniel Danielecki

"Users playing on mobile phones mostly want to play simple games and therefore the need to install them is unnecessary. We are offering games without installation, also known as Instant Games."


ELLURE by Rui Li (Selah), Marc van Almkerk and Jasmin Sabir

"People struggle to express their beauty due to the lack of personalized products. Ellure offers personalised liquid lipsticks in a on-demand fashion. Our goal is to shift the focus away from today’s mass-produced cosmetics that can only offer pre-made products. While doing so, we produce only lipsticks that are actually going to be used, reducing the overall need to use materials."


embneusys by Georgios Foroglou, Georgios Kyriazidis, Eleftherios Adalakis

"Construction equipment lacks universal and efficient monitoring, leading to extended downtime and increasing maintenance costs. We have designed an end-to-end IoT solution (hardware and software) for monitoring construction equipment regarding location and working conditions, suing NB IoT."


fingerlemon by Jordi Spranger and Vincent Giardina

"NLP chatbot solution, understand context to make qualitative research easy and scalable."


Foca by Xin Yu and Yating Lu

"People find it hard to be focused and productive, especially when working from home amid pandemic. This may result in poor time management and bad performance. Plus, many white-collar workers are prone to suffer from office syndromes, e.g. neck, shoulder, back pain, and tired eyes."


GoodRobot by Ben Olayinka

"We're developing web-controlled recycling robots that users can connect to and drive from anywhere in the world, to donate a couple minutes towards cleaning up and to get a first hand perspective for the effect of plastic waste in developing countries."


Gluebus by Giovanni De Francesco

"We provide our client bus roundtrips for bars and discos on a local dimension (1-30 km). The trips are optimized by an algorithm based on tickets sold, buses and events available."


Grape by Naima Volz, Waliyah Sahqani, Kacper Skawinski, Ferran Montraveta Roca, Javier Benitez and Maria Maciagowska

"People do not know what grocery products they own and when they expire - this is fueling over-consumption, food waste, and environmental deterioration. Grape is an automated grocery inventory, which scans shopping receipts, tracks expiry dates of products purchased and notifies users when items are approaching expiry."


ID21 by Sandip Pandey

"Many organizations in developing countries still use paper-based printed forms for data collections. We provide a form builder and a dashboard to create localized mobile forms and collect responses. We'll also support local payments where credit cards and payment is usually not an option."


InSignum by Adrián Neila Serrano

"Deaf and hard of hearing people suffer from the lack of sound awareness in everyday life. The results from varies from inconvenience, like not realizing when the washer machine has finished or someone ringing the doorbell, to life-threatening situations such as not reacting to a fire alarm. Our solution is a wearable auditory substitution system and indoor smart light system."


MXC by Xin Hu

"There are 5G or WiFi networks that are quite limited and expensive, we build a long range network that can cover a city easily and collect data without GDPR concerns. We empower the world's first open and free smart city network, which has no GDPR or CCPA problems when collecting data."


PICKERLABS by Amal Jose Vallavanthara

"From start-ups to huge corporations, making a business decision from a range of possible options would involve at least 20 different decision points (like integration efforts, ROI, market, etc). Our tool provides a scientifically researched methodology to involve all the members and stakeholders equally and make a data centric optimal decision rather than haphazard emotion or gut-feeling based decision."


SANREC by Cesar Gonzalez Cruz

"We tackle the problem of long waiting times and overcrowded situations due to an inefficient workflow at the reception. We create an innovative system that replaces repetitive tasks like setting up an appointment, receiving payments and registering a new patient, collecting medical history and providing information about the clinic and provided services."


SpotYet by Sergiu Lazar Angelescu, Marina Angelovska, Peter Lakatos, Guillermo Guridi, Indre Tauroseviciute and Aref Moradi

"Remote work requires a lot of attention to the personal level of the employee and his/her psychological safety. It is well known that people work better together if they know each other at a personal level. SpotYet Virtual is a bot integrated within corporate communication systems. It matches employees in groups to boost social interaction within your company."


Syndata by Douglas Garcia Torres

"Guard data privacy by synthetic data generation."


VinFin by Anand Bhaskaran

"As an individual investor, managing multiple investment portfolios (with multiple asset classes) is tedious and demands several tools and manual effort. These manual operations are prone to error and time-consuming. VinFin aims to provide a complete automated portfolio management solution together with data analytics for retail investors, financial advisors, and portfolio managers."