High employment and active entrepreneurship

A survey of EIT Digital alumni, many of whom are members of the community, reveals high employment rates and active involvement in entrepreneurship.

Organised in collaboration with EIT Digital’s Master School Office and Communications Department, this year’s survey is arguably the foundation’s most successful yet, with an unprecedented total of 751 responses - 679 of whom are Master’s graduates.

The majority of our alumni (85%) are based in the EU. The number of those living outside of the EU, however, is not insignificant: 15% live in 33 other countries around the world, including China, the USA and India. This reflects the slogan adopted by the foundation this year: the global community of Europe’s tech innovators.


The survey shows that our alumni are well-employed. Overall, 88% of alumni are currently employed, with 27% of those recruited even before graduation and 35% getting a job within 3 months of graduation.

The majority of our alumni (60%) work in the field of computer science and information technology, with others employed in finance, education and manufacturing. 45% are currently in a mid-level position in their organisations and a third earn over €40,000 a year, indicating encouraging prospects for EIT Digital Academy graduates.


True to the entrepreneurial spirit of the EIT Digital Academy, 15% of our alumni have either founded a startup or are currently in the process of establishing one, with a further 24% currently employed by a startup.

Of the startups founded, 35 have earned backing from venture capitalists and other funders. Notable startups in the community include Codemao, a coding school which received US$47 in Series C funding in 2017, and Ellure, the EIT Digital Alumni Startup of the Year 2020.

Did you know that we organise an annual startup contest? Check out our 22 participants from the 2020 edition!


The services offered by the foundation are generally well-received by our members, with each service earning a rating of at least 3.5 on a 5-point Likert scale. Among the most popular services are free software licenses, personal development opportunities such as our Tuesday Afterwork series and job offers.


In terms of events, the most popular are the ones organised by our members, with the support of the foundation. Opportunities to attend external events such as TechCrunch Disrupt are also well-received, as is the EIT Digital Alumni Annual Meeting, which typically features workshops, knowledge exchanges and networking activities.


The survey also reveals notable insights about the communication channels used by our members. Emails and newsletters are by far the most popular, with more than half our members using those channels to stay updated on alumni matters. In terms of social media, LinkedIn is the most widely used, indicating the deman for professional networking among our community.

Did you know we’re also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

New beginnings

All in all, the results of the survey indicate satisfaction among our members. Nevertheless, the Alumni Board reaffirms its commitment to continuously improve the community, especially in light of the impending handover to a new Board.

Stay tuned and witness the ongoing evolution of the EIT Digital Alumni foundation!




This year’s survey was held at the tail end of 2020 among alumni of the EIT Digital Academy, which includes the Master School, Doctoral School, Summer Schools and Professional School. Find out more about EIT Digital’s education programmes!


Editor: Gaffar Rampage