EIT Digital Alumni Co-Living FAQ

In this co-living FAQ section, we've gathered answers to the questions you might have about this event to help you find the information you're seeking.


➢ Can I stay one more night? (Flights are not matching the check-in and/or check-out date(s))

Apartments are reserved for EIT Digital Alumni from April 13th to May 11th. Unfortunately, extending stays before or after this period is not within our capacity. However, if you require additional nights between the two slots (i.e., around the last weekend of April), you may coordinate with other participants who have available beds in their apartments. Alternatively, you can always independently book another accommodation for those extra nights.

➢ Are the rooms equipped with internet/tables to work?

Each apartment is equipped with internet internet, for more details about the desks available check the information per apartment via this link: https://alumni.eitdigital.eu/webform/coliving-2024-apartments-and-pricings.

➢ Are there coworking spaces?

In addition to the workspaces in the apartments, it will also be possible to use the public library as a coworking space. However, please note that it's essential to maintain silence while working there.


➢ Is there a cancellation policy?

We understand that plans can change. You may cancel your reservation for free within the first 48 hours after booking, by sending an email to coliving@alumni.eitdigital.eu. After this initial period, no refunds will be issued.

  • Free Cancellation (First 48 Hours): You can cancel your reservation within 48 hours of booking and you will get a partial refund. The refund is the payment without the payment processing fees which are < 5%, depending on payment method.
  • No Refunds After 48 Hours: After the initial 48-hour period, no refunds will be provided. Please be mindful of this policy when making your reservation.


➢ Will we have a timetable of the activities in advance?

A timetable of the activities will be available in the next months. We will try to tailor it according to the preferences and expectations of the participants.

➢ Can I join by myself and join events?

You are free to look for your own accommodation in Olbia. However, while a spot in the activities is guaranteed for those renting the accommodation with us, only a limited amount of places will be open to externals (i.e. people who book a separate accommodation). We will give more info about activities and how to join them soon.

➢ When are the events scheduled and will they take place during working hours?

The events and activities are scheduled on evenings and on the weekend, so they will be outside the working hours.


➢ Will we have to pay everything upfront?

Yes, you will have to pay the full amount when you book your apartment in January.

➢ Are the prices listed on the website for the whole apartment or per person?

The prices listed on the website are per apartment and not per person, meaning that the price of the apartment will stay the same regardless of how many people share the apartment.

➢ What is included? What is not included (travel, events...)


  • Accommodation: Enjoy a peaceful and productive stay in our spaces.
  • Co-living Management: We take care of organizing and overseeing the retreat program, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all participants.
  • Cleaning: The accommodation included cleaning twice a week.
  • Tourism-tax: The prices listed on the website also include the tourism tax, therefor there will be no additional fee regarding this.

Not Included:

  • Meals: While accommodation is provided, meals are not included in the package. Participants are encouraged to explore local dining options or utilize the kitchens available in each apartment.
  • Events: Our package does not cover tours or excursions. While we will coordinate and organize these activities, participants are responsible for covering the associated expenses.
  • Transportation:Transportation to and from the retreat location is not included. Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements.
  • Additional Events/Activities: The participation to organized activities, professional events and workshops might not be included. You will get more info on the costs of these activities in the next months. The additional events/activities are not mandatory to participate in, therefor there will be no additional mandatory cost.


➢ Are there limited places?

Yes, spots are limited! We will be able to offer around 50 spots per time slot. The precise number of spots might vary depending on how many single/double rooms you will require.

➢ What happens if one of the occupants of my apartment cannot join anymore and I need to find a replacement after the booking?

If one of the occupants cannot attend the co-living, you have the flexibility to find a replacement. However, please inform us promptly by sending an email to coliving@alumni.eitdigital.eu with the subject "Change of occupant(s) - Apartment [ApartmentName]". Include the former participant's name and surname, along with the new participant's first name, last name, email address, and optional Telegram name.

➢ How does the booking process work?

For Digital Alumni: One person with a registered account on the EIT Digital alumni website must book and pay for the apartment. This individual will be responsible for reserving and paying the entire apartment price during the booking process.

For Non-Digital Alumni: Send an email to coliving@alumni.eitdigital.eu.

To all: Please note that, at the time of booking, you will be required to provide the following information for all occupants: first name, last name, email address, and (optional) telegram name.

Once an apartment is booked and paid for, the co-living spots for the specified occupants are secured. As the entire apartment must be paid upfront by one person, we recommend that other flatmates pay their share ahead of time or promptly reimburse the person making the booking.

It doesn't matter how many people share the apartment (as long as the number isn't higher than the maximum capacity), the apartment price remains fixed regardless of the number of occupants. However, to make sure that everyone has a spot in the activities and for the sake of a good organization we will ask you to provide the information about all the occupants listed above.

➢ Can I book an apartment by myself, or do I need to find roommates?

To book an apartment, it's essential to have roommates as our apartments can only be booked as a whole. If you are still looking for roommates, we've set up Telegram channels to assist you in finding roommates per slot. Join the Telegram Channel.

If you have any questions or need additional support during this roommate-finding process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're here to help make your living experience with us as positive as possible.

➢ What's the deadline to sign up?

Tickets will be sold during January and February, starting from the 14th of January. Early Bird tickets will be available for a limited time in January.

➢ Is the event open to non-EIT Alumni people?

As the event is organized by Alumni and our professional activities will be thought with that target in mind, we would expect the event to be attended by mostly EIT alumni. However, since we will rent full apartments, as long as one alumnus books it, they can decide to include non EIT people as well.

➢ Is it possible to join just for one week?

Unfortunately not. It would be too complicated for us to manage time spans shorter than 2 weeks. If you want to join for 1 week you have two options: 

1) find another person for the second week; 
2) find another accommodation in Olbia, but in that case, at the moment we cannot guarantee you a spot in the alumni activities

➢ I need a visa, how do I get the required documents for this event?

In case you need a visa, we are happy to help with your application. Please reach out to one of the organizers in the Telegram Chat or send an email to coliving@alumni.eitdigital.eu