Results of the 2019 Elections!

After a long Election period, started already at the end of January with the opening of the online applications, and concluded with this exciting Election Week and the campaign by the 12 amazing candidates, the representatives for the new Alumni Board have been elected and we all wish them good luck in pursuing the goals of our Foundation for the next two years.


Below are the results of the Elections 2019, with the new Board consisting of these 5 members:
- Jeroen Van Lent (President)
- Craig Kershaw (Secretary)
- Blanca Martinez de Aragon (Treasurer)
- José Carlos Camposano (Events Officer)
- Jiayao Yu (Marketing & Communications Officer).

A transition period of up to 3 months will now commence for the new Board to assume their new responsibilities. Both the current and the upcoming Boards will meet on the first weekend of June in Brussels for the Board Handover meeting. The new Board will be officially appointed on July 4, 2019.

Jeroen Van Lent


Craig Kershaw


Blanca Martinez de Aragon


José Carlos Camposano


Jiayao Yu

The current Board would really like to thank each and every one of the candidates for taking the time, the commitment and the motivation to apply for the Alumni Board. 12 strong candidates is an enormous satisfaction and a great result for our Community, and we are sure the Foundation is in good hands.

However, as we have said multiple times, we are all building and shaping this community. We can all be ambassadors, role-models, contributors. This community can only scale if these 5 Board members are supported by a broader network of supporters, local representatives, working group leaders, etc., believing in what we are creating, giving concrete feedback, aiding the local communities, running programs and workshops, etc.

We expect to see so many of you helping the next Board with its activities and plans. We need the help and the support of all of you to keep making this real.


Kind regards,

The Alumni Board 2017-2019