Craig Kershaw




As a Master School student graduate, attending EIT events, I have always been aware of the fantastic opportunity and potential that our community has. Our Alumni community, gives everyone the ability to connect with like minded people by giving them a space in which it is so easy to network and discuss innovative topics in the digital/business world and our own experiences. This gives me an incredible motivation to apply to be a member of the EIT Digital Alumni board, to actively contribute to our activities and help shape our future together. 

Vision for the community

I have a strong belief in this community and want to support the team to keep it growing and make it even stronger. I want to keep the special connection we all feel when we together and help to enable the alumni to use this to there benefit, through our events and meet-ups, and promotion of our unique network.

Why people should vote for me

I am eager to offer my acquired skills and expertise to the EIT alumni community. I have a background in UI Development and now working the UX Design and I hope that this will be a benefit for the Alumni Board and the Alumni website. My current work also requires me to be organised and plan ahead for main projects, a skill I see specifically beneficial for the secretary role. I also am part of group of people who arrange Usability Testing meeting ups in Berlin and I can bring experience from the organisation of those too. Most of all though, I wish that through being part of the board I am able to expand and improve my skills in many different areas. I am motivated to help out across everything the alumni board demands not only the secretary role. 

Over the past six years I have been part of EIT Digital, beginning in the 2 generation of the Masters School. I now want to give back to EIT Digital the great experiences, spirit and good times. For me personally, EIT Digital opened up different opportunities, it changed my career and also changed me as a person. In short: It changed my life. I am very grateful for this and now it is time to give back.