'Hi' from the new alumni board!

After the Board Elections and the ongoing transition period, a new team will take over the management of EIT Digital Alumni Foundation for the next two years starting from July 4th, 2019. Let’s have a closer look at the profile of these new board members and read some greeting words from them.



Jeroen Van Lent


"I see myself as an engineer with a mission for society. With a passion for internationalisation, cultures and food, I want to bring people together to create a better world. Graduated from the EIT Digital Master School (Internet Technology & Architecture), I like to combine cool technology with a much needed human element. At the same time, I have tried to improve international higher education in the Board of the Erasmus Student Network and continued to make friends all around Europe. For me, the EIT Digital Alumni Community has the potential to be both. A community to meet like-minded people, but also a community that can push for change. A community of friendship and a community I’m proud to lead!"


Craig Kershaw


"I am specifically fitting for the secretary role. I am required to be organised and plan ahead in my current UX Design job, and become experienced in the organisation and membership management by arranging Usability Testing meet-ups in Berlin. With a background in UI Development and UX design, I am bringing these skills to the Alumni Board and the Alumni website, as well as hoping to expand and improve my other skills by helping across all parts of the Alumni Board."

Blanca Martinez de Aragon

Blanca Martinez


"I studied Telecom Engineering and hold a Master in Internet Technology & Architecture. Currently I am working as a data analyst consultant in Luxembourg. The most important part of the community for me is to learn from each other -- sharing ideas and experience with people in this diverse network. Having lived in six countries, I find myself positive and funny. I love travelling, meeting new people and tunak tunak Indian song :)"

Jose Carlos

José Carlos Camposano

Events Officer

"My studies and work have been always focused on the intersection between humans and technology - or how to communicate, understand and deliver solutions that truly match the needs, wishes and aspirations of people. That is why I did my Master's degree in the (now-extinct) program of Service Design & Engineering, specialising in Social Informatics. I believe “soft” people skills are nowadays as valuable as technical expertise (or even more!). For all these reasons, I am happy to serve as your main contact point when it comes to event ideas or community initiatives."

Jiayao Yu

Jiayao Yu

Marketing & Communications Officer

"I'm a media content creator by heart. Graduated from Human-Computer Interaction & Design track, I’ve been practising journalism, graphics, and UI/UX design. I appreciate the EIT Digital Alumni, this community, as it has gradually shaped my mind towards open cultures and multidisciplinary innovations; now it's time for me to do something to give back. I like national geographic, keyboards, second-hand shops, white tea, dogs, and laughing loudly."


With an ever-increasing number of registered alumni, one of our biggest challenges will be to work more efficiently accross a larger network and find new ways to provide value to our members. Your new board is ready and eager to support you, but also counts on your help for this task. All of us can become alumni ambassadors, role-models and contributors, so let's continue building and shaping this community together!