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The Stockholm Local Community was established back in 2016 by organizing first Alumni meetup in Sweden, where our alumni and second year EIT Digital Master School students had a chance to discuss and share their EIT Digital experience. In November 2016, morning after the 3rd Master School Graduation Ceremony, we organized a great post-breakfast meetup in Stockholm to officially welcome the new graduates into our community. We finished year with Ice Skating outdoor event where we done few laps together welcoming our members, both experienced skaters and  newcomers. 

In 2017 our Local Representatives in Sweden organized more awsome events. We started year with EIT Digital Alumni Tech Talks. Together with EIT Women (W@EIT), we had The Lean Dinner which is the event based on the concept of the Lean Coffee, a structured, but agenda-less meeting. Conversations during the event were directed and productive because the agenda for the meeting was democratically generated. Also in collaboration with W@EIT we had CV workshop providing plenty of tips to help our members in writing effective and impactful CV. 

In 2018 we orginized 3 events. We started with Netlight Meets EIT Digital event. Our members visited Netlight offices, had a chance to find out about company‚Äôs culture, mingle with employees and get informed about job opportunities in the company. Shortly after, we had Summer Hangout in Stockholm, where we celebrated summer together and discussed regarding recruiting new local reps and volunteersAt the end of the year we met at the Meetup xEITD Alumni Stockholm

Besides exclusively EIT Digital Alumni events, our community in Stockholm supported and participated in series of four workshops organized by Women@EIT. Series began with Arduino Workshop, continued with 3D printing & modeling workshop and Entrepreneurial Afternoon and rounded up with training on how to Perfect your pitch.

Special thanks to all group members who have contributed to the Sweden Local Community and made it what it is today: Gigi Ho, Mohan Krishna, Yammie Seto, Thuy Nguyen and Roman Chirikov,

Currently our Local Representative in Stockholm is Sina Sheikholeslami. 

We are looking forward to welcoming more people in our team - join our Facebook group and Telegram Group and help us organize / suggest even more events!

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Sina Sheikholeslami