Organize an event in the Alumni name

Guidelines for Events

  • Preface
  • Organisational setup
  1. Agree on a concept / Theme
  2. Submit an application to the Alumni Board
  3. Set-up a team
  4. Contact the Speaker(s)
  5. Choose the Date and secure a venue
  6. Promote the Event
  7. Finalize the agenda for the event
  8. Secure food / beverage
  9. Final communications
  10. The Event
  11. Conclusions
  12. Cost reporting
  • Execution Tools


The EIT Digital Alumni is the association of the graduates from the EIT Digital Educational programmes, as well as individuals who had a formal function within EIT Digital. As part of our mission, we organise meetups and events for our community members.

These guidelines, therefore, are made available for members who would like to organise an event or meetup in the name of the EIT Digital Alumni. These allow having a precise set-up from start to finish on how to execute a proper meetup funded by the Foundation and are to be adopted irrespective of the location where this is held.

In this document, a template is provided with the essential steps to adhere with, before, during and after an event. We invite you to please read it thoroughly so that your event will be a success!




  1. Agree on a concept / Theme

An agreed topic is the most vital thing to think of before further execution. A successful event covers ideally all spectrum of what the EIT Digital ecosystem represents: in other words, digitalised, innovative and entrepreneurial concepts. The topic should be informative, engaging, and trending for the community. Always keep in mind to have clear objectives when deciding on an idea for a meetup.


  1. Submit an application to the Alumni Board

Before proceeding to the next steps, you are required to fill in this form, where you describe the event’s structure. You can refer to this file to get an idea of an event schedule, but the format could be completely different.

Please also indicate the estimated audience size and an expected budget (if any). According to our Financial Plan, the envisioned budget per event is of 300€ (see this template). Please try to be as accurate as possible regarding the forecast expenses: the Foundation will refund these costs upon completion of the event :)

N.B. Remember to keep all the receipts and records of the expenses so that the Alumni Foundation can refund you. If needed, please just ping the Events Officer Bobo via email at


  1. Set-up a team

Once approved, the Alumni Board will support and put you in contact with other members within your location. You could organise the event by yourself or, as we warmly suggest, you could setup a team where different people could have dedicated roles, to have a smooth planning:






Event Coordinator

Responsible for overseeing the entire event from start to finish

Team members


Speaker Responsibility

Finds and manages the speaker (phone calls, emails, etc.)

Event coordinator / Alumni Board



Responsible for the venue, food / beverages and security

Team members / CLC Manager




  1. Contact the Speaker(s)

As soon as a topic is agreed upon, the next challenge is to look for a speaker that has a vast knowledge on the approved theme and, at the same time, who provides motivation and inspiration to the audience. Sometimes, a topic can be prearranged with the speaker of your choice. The speaker should reside in the same location where the event is going to take place; however, in some cases, the speaker could come from outside the location.

Of course, the speaker could also be identified as the event planner.


  1. Choose a date and secure a venue

Choosing a date and securing a place goes hand in hand. First of all, check with the Alumni Board or the Local Representatives for the availability of a venue in your city: the CLCs are quite cooperative. However, the event could also be held at a startup or external company. The venue should ideally be a place that is easily accessible and must have all the necessary appliances in place.

Bear in mind to consider the speaker’s and your audience’s availability while choosing a date.


  1. Promote the Event

Once the date and venue are finalised, please inform the Board to coordinate the promotion of the event on the website and social media channels. This content can then be shared and promoted further within your network.


  1. Finalize the agenda for the event

When preparing the agenda, please make sure to align with the speaker(s). The agenda should be agreed with whoever is chosen to preside over the event. A template for the agenda can again be found here.


  1. Secure food / beverage

Food and beverage can be arranged by yourself or delivered directly at the event. You can rely on the CLC contacts for finding the proper catering or service. Finger food and snacks are recommended. Please consider the dietary needs of your audience when planning for food.


  1. Final communications

Send a reminder to the audience when the event is approaching. Get in touch with the speaker and get his/her presentation beforehand to avoid any discrepancy and finally be sure of the availability of your audience.


  1. The Event

After all the preparation phases have been completed, it is finally time for the event! Ensure you and your team are at the venue ahead of start time. Refer to this Kanban and print out this Checklist to be sure you do not forget anything, and print out this version too.

Please make sure everything needed regarding projection, lighting, sounds and all that works properly. We also recommend that one laptop should be used throughout the event, with all the presentations on it. Also remember to have a backup just incase something goes wrong.

Welcome participants and, in case of registration, collect unregistered participants’ emails and details. Depending on the audience segmentation, a brief introduction to the EIT Digital Alumni Foundation should be presented to fully raise the awareness about our association and its initiatives.

Keep the event concise, engaging, fun and most importantly, let the entire meetup yield positive impact on your audience.

Finally, during the event, please take some high-quality pictures and short videos, (depending on your audience, you can always ask if anyone is against it) and if possible try to gather feedback concerning the event from your audience before they leave.


  1. After the event

Now the event is a success!

Please send your pictures and videos to, or (if many) upload them to WeTransfer or GPhotos, and send us the link.

The Alumni board will publish them accordingly on our website and social media platforms.

Feel free to send us any comment, feedback and suggestions on how to improve our events (and these guidelines) further.

Remember to send a "Thank you" email to the speaker(s) and the participants.


  1. Cost reporting

Please download this file, report all the expenses (some instructions and frequently asked questions are available here) and upload the receipts onto the dedicated Drive folder the Board will share with you. Once done, you will be reimbursed within a week.

Good luck!




Here the recap of the tools linked in the Guidelines above: