Women@EIT #3 - Entrepreneurial Afternoon

Event Description

After the long holiday season we are back with another women@EIT event, this time focusing on entrepreneurship.

During the first half of the event we will have two guests, Elsa Bernadotte, COO & Co-Founder at Karma and Karoline Beronius, previously Co-location Centre manager at the EIT Digital Stockholm Node who is currently working part-time on her social enterprise, the map project. Both of our speakers will be talking about their entrepreneurial journey and answering any questions you have about being founder, and what it means to be an entrepreneur. You can read more about Karma, Elsa's company that is currently incubated at SUP46 as well as about Karoline's experiences below. 

After the talks as usual we will have snacks, drinks and time to mingle!
Hope to see you all there! :) Join our Facebook event as well!

Event Details: 5 - 7 pm, Thursday February 2nd at the EIT Colocation Center, KTH Kista
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For the first time our event will also be live streamed - EIT Digital students at our Berlin node will be joining us!

About Karma:

Karma is a social enterprise dedicated to reducing food waste in the cafe and restaurant industry. We’ve created a new way for retailers to minimize their food waste by selling it at the end of the day rather than throwing it away. Our users buy the food as high-quality take-away for a discounted price, all while the food still is in good shape. It’s a win-win-win.

About Karoline Beronius:

Karoline works at the EIT Digital Stockholm Node, where she was the Co-location Centre manager 2010-2016. Since January 2017, Karoline is working part-time in a new role to develop the Stockholm Node and New legal entity and at the same time working on a new project. 4 billion people are affected by ineadequate addresses, which means that they cannot enjoy basic human rights and access government services, it is hard for governements to plan for development and distribute resources, and in addition business opportunities are missed. map project team is working on a solution.

Karoline is a social entrepreneur and was part of the team that started Shifo Foundation in 2013 with the aim of improving health service delivery in under-served areas and reducing child and maternal mortality on a large scale. She is passionate about ICT’s ability to improve structure, transparency and efficiency to make better use of financial, human and technical resources. At Shifo she developed the Shifo community, created strong partnerships for improvement of health service delivery in low-resources settings, and raised funds for the development.

Karoline is also employed by KTH- the Royal Institute of Technology. Between 2005 and 2010 she was part of the team that started up SPIDER –the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions – which supported low-income countries harnessing the benefits of ICTs, and developed capacity and infrastructure. Karoline holds a BA in International Business and Modern Languages, and an MA in Human Rights, Politics and Environment and Development.

About the talk
Karoline will talk about Social Entrepreneurship, her entrepreneurial journey and some vital entrepreneurial ingreedients, among others passion, drive, perserverance, curiosity, and courage.

Event Date