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The Berlin Local Community was established back in 2015 by organizing the very first EIT Digital Alumni event - with a talk about Bluetooth Low Energy by former Board member Prithvi. Berlin was also one of the cities hosting the 2015 edition of the EIT Alumni Startup Days, an event which gathered over 200 people all around Europe.


Hosted a great Alumni meetup in Berlin in collaboration with Distribution, a scale-up supported by EIT Digital which raised 6M euros. Our community was also the main driver and organizer of that year's edition of the Startup Days.


Together with EIT Women, our alumna Darya gave a talk about skills that are needed to be able to lead in unfamiliar, foreign cultures.


We started the year by gathering our Local representatives, based all around Europe, in Berlin. They had a chance to get to know each other and work together with the Board to streamline our long-term vision and plan the upcoming Annual Meeting. In March we partnered with Landing Festival, the biggest tech careers event in Europe
We then co-organized the second edition of the EIT Alumni Startup Days, focused on decentralising and democratising our inefficient systems using blockchain technologies.
Finally, during the Summer, we combined business with outdoor pleasure by organizing a discussion on a cutting-edge technology with an antique Slavic/Nordic game and a picnic in Tiergarten. 

Special thanks to all group members who have contributed to the Germany Local Community and made it what it is today: Josip Vukoja, Darya Kamkalova, Khan Reaz, Bobo Dibi and Elena Ionescu.

Right now our Local Representative for Berlin is Mohammed Hamza

We are looking forward to welcoming more people in our team - join our Facebook group and Telegram Chat help us organize / suggest even more events!

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Mohammed Hamza