Smart contracts in the Sun - Berlin

Event Description

It’s time for a summer meetup in Berlin
On Saturday 28, we’ll combine a discussion of a cutting-edge technology with an antique Slavic/Nordic game and a picnic in Tiergarten. 

The learning part: 

Our alumnus Josip will talk about smart contracts. It will be fascinating to see whether Blockchain technologies will indeed cause a shrinkage in the size of siloed firms. Nobel prize winner Ronald Coase suggests so. With embedded tools such as smart contracts, it has never been easier to automate contractual relationships, like the ones between companies and their manufacturers or suppliers. Blockchain-based smart contracts have the ability to simulate the benefits of vertical integration, whilst avoiding the investment and commitment risk for the integrator.

The fun part: 

Join us to learn to play kubb with Darya – a game Slavic and Nordic people entertained themselves centuries ago! 


Bring your own food and drinks as well as blankets for a picnic. 


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