Technical Traits of BLE Berlin

Event Description

The Berlin CLC hosted a talk titled ‘Technical Traits of BLE: Pros & Cons’ by Prithvi, an EIT Digital Alumni member. This event was organized by the EIT Digital Alumni Foundation targeted to the EIT Digital community in Berlin. The attendees ranged from current students, alumni, founders of start-ups, people with ideas for start-ups and people interested in this technology in general.

The talk started with introducing the recent technology ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’, its history and its difference from the classic Bluetooth. This was followed by a brief overview of the technical specifications of this technology and the talk concluded by describing pros and cons of this technology for various applications.

At the end of the event attendees mingled together while enjoying hot pizzas. One surprise announcement at this event was a co-founder of a start-up in Berlin looking for embedded engineers with knowledge in wireless systems.

Event Date