We've got a great discount on the Summer Schools 2018


Our Alumni members will get a 20% discount on the overall price (accommodation and travel expenses excluded) of any EIT Digital Summer Schools 2018. You are free to decide whether attending either for one week, or for the full two weeks. It will surely be a great occasion to dive into the hottest and most innovative topics of these years, and to meet new like-minded people! The courses are organized as follows:

- In case you choose to attend the Summer School for just 1 week, you will be asked to pay 1400€. During the first week of the Summer School you will be introduced to the theory of the chosen topic by experts and teachers from the academic and business world. You will also be divided into teams and start to work on the ideation phase and will - by the end of the week - present a value proposition and a revenue model.

- In case you choose to attend the Summer School for the 2 full weeks, you will be asked to pay 1960€. During the second week you will continue with teamwork, turning the business idea into a viable business plan with startup strategy, marketing and financial planning. You and your team will present a business plan at the end of the week with a final pitch in front of a business panel.

Moreover, all our Alumni will be offered to join the Master School students and stay in shared rooms for just 250€ for 2 weeks.

The complete list of Summer Schools you can apply to can be found at this link: www.eitdigital.eu/eit-digital-academy/summer-schools.


They can be summarized in the following macro-topics:

Digital Cities (Rennes, July 1 - July 14 or Tallinn, July 22 - August 4) : By 2050, two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. Our summer schools respond to the challenge of maintaining attractive, inclusive and safe urban environments by using the new digital tools and their transformative power.

Digital Industry (Munich, July 1 - July 14 or Helsinki, August 5 - August 18): New digital technology and the associated digital transformation change the way we manufacture. Earlier business models based on cheap labour and outsourcing is no longer valid. Our summer schools focus on digitised factories, blended retail, personalised products and data-driven processes.

Digital Wellbeing (Eindhoven, August 5 - August 18 or Lisbon, July 1 - July 14): Digital technology delivers solutions to lower healthcare costs and raise the quality of life at home and at work. Digital technology shapes healthier lifestyles, allows for increased active longevity and for easy accessible care.

Digital Infrastructure (Trento, July 1 - July 14 or Stockholm, August 5 - August 18 or Stockholm, July 29 - August 11): Digital Infrastucture is the generic enabler of digital transformation through providing secure, robust, responsive and intelligent communications, data handling and access to software applications. Our summer schools target the generic technologies that drive the digital economy.

Digital Finance (Budapest, July 22 - August 4): Digital Finance delivers innovative financial products and services using digital technology. The objective is to make financial systems safer, simpler and increase customer value.