Supporting the organisation of alumni events

A few questions to José Carlos Camposano on what it means to be the Events Officer of the Board.


What do you work on as the Events Officer? What skills are required in these works?

"I support any alumni interested in hosting events, help them prepare the event application and give suggestions on the logistics and funding. I recommend a budget for each local event to the rest of the Alumni Board. I also manage the events on the alumni website and Facebook, and maintain frequent communication with the local representatives, alumni, and students from different cohorts, to increase our community engagement."


What have you achieved in your mandate 2019-2021 as the Events Officer?

"One of the first achievements at the beginning of the mandate was updating the event guidelines and simplifying the event application process. I also helped with the preparation of the Working Group Survey to support our working groups in the planning and funding of local events. At the beginning of 2020, I gathered with our local representatives in Madrid for workshops and trainings. I also collaborated with the rest of the Alumni Board on the organization (and co-hosting) of online events during 2020, such as the Tuesday Afterworks, Startup Contest, AlumniHack, and the annual Alumni Meeting. During the last few months, I helped to revise the Foundation by-laws and proposed updates to improve the coordination of our local communities and working groups."


What could you have done better or differently during your mandate?

"If I could travel back in time, I would warn everyone to organize more physical events before corona shuts down everything! ;)"


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