Results of the Election and proposed By-Laws Amendments

One month before this year’s online Annual Meeting we proposed three amendments to our By-Laws and announced an opening for the Technology Officer position on the EIT Digital Alumni Board.

Over the following 2 weeks since the Annual Meeting, from the 14th until the 28th of November 2020, we opened the polls to our community to vote in these elections. In total, 112 alumni members casted their vote through the voting page, which presented four questions to the community: Three amendment proposals and one board member election. This meets the requirement defined in Art. III section 5 of the Foundation by-laws, that 'a quorum is reached when at least ten percent of the Alumni is present'.


Election of the Technology Officer 

We received 3 outstanding applications from highly motivated and skilled alumni: Anand Bhaskaran, a 2016 Embedded Systems alumnus; Erik Wouters, a 2018 Embedded Systems alumnus; and Shashank Srivastava, a 2017 Data Science alumnus. After the two weeks of online voting, we present the final results:

Technology Officer


The Alumni Board would like to give a warm welcome to Shashank Srivastava to join the board as the new Technology Officer. The board would also like to thank Anand Bhaskaran and Erik Wouters, who demonstrated their strong motivation and commitment to continue developing our Alumni network. We do not think this election means a loss for anyone. Taking the decision to publicly present a candidacy and offering the time to volunteer for a common cause are the best proof that our most valuable resource is the people that build our network - A network that continues to grow and cannot be pushed forward by the Board alone.

The Alumni board will be working on more opportunities in the upcoming months to get involved and create a network that delivers value to all of us. We encourage all candidates to not give up and join us in these initiatives, where your motivation and skills are much needed. Of course, we extend this same invitation to all alumni interested in turning these exciting ideas into reality.


Results of the proposed Amendments to the By-Laws

The Alumni Board is pleased to announce that all three proposed amendments to the Foundation By-Laws got accepted by the full alumni members of EIT Digital Alumni. The Alumni Board will coordinate with the Governing Board and the Legal Adviser of EIT Digital the implementation of the amendments approved by our members. 

Amendment proposal 1: Online Voting

Amendment 1


Amendment proposal 2: Quorum during Alumni Board meetings

Amendment 2


Amendment proposal 3: Working Groups

Amendment 3