Results of the Board Elections 2021!

After a long Election period, which started in March with the opening of the online applications and concluded after one month of online voting and campaigns by eight outstanding candidates, the representatives for the new Alumni Board have been elected and we all wish them good luck in pursuing the goals of our Foundation for the next two years.

Below are the results of the Elections 2021. With 111 votes cast in total, the seven members of the new Alumni Board are:

A transition period of up to 3 months will now commence for the new Board to assume their new responsibilities. Both the current and the upcoming Boards will meet to discuss the handover (in a date and physical/remote location to be decided soon). The new Board will be officially appointed on July 4, 2021.







Outreach Partnership


The current Board would really like to thank each and every one of the candidates for taking the time, the commitment, and the motivation to apply for the Alumni Board. Having such strong candidates and applications is an enormous satisfaction and a great result for our Community. We are sure the Foundation will remain in good hands!

However, as we have said multiple times, we can all be everyday ambassadors, role-models, and contributors. Our Foundation can only scale if the seven Board members are supported by a broader network of motivated alumni, local representatives, or working group leaders, who believe in what we do, give concrete feedback, organize events and workshops, etc.

We expect to see many of you helping the next Board with its activities and plans. We will need the help and the support of everyone to reactivate our community after the pandemic and keep building a strong professional network over the years to come.


Kind regards,

The Alumni Board 2019-2021