Our Alumni at The Landing Festival


The just-concluded Landing Festival in Berlin was an enormous success, and some members of our community were privileged to be part of it. Our partnership was beneficial as flights were covered by the organisers of Landing Festival and participants were officially unplugged.

The job fair did not disappoint with over 50 companies showcasing their products and services and talking to talents for a possible job opportunity. The event ran for two days, and there were a lot of professional networking, talks and panels, workshops and expert roundtable and direct information to know more about the tech industry.

The insightful speakers expertly dissected their different fields and the expert sessions were even more captivating as participants had a more personal closure of the topic at hand.

The landing festival with the right skills and attitude exposes one to enormous opportunity beyond imaginations. It is a place to get the connections that could support your ideas or land you a job.

On the second day of the fair, participants were entertained with an enthralling magic show performance. The entire event was well organised and filled with camaraderie. A boat party was organised on the last day of the event, and even a stand-up comedy performance. We hope that our members had a good time in the landing festival and took advantage of this opportunity.

Our Alumni foundation will continue to support its members in whatever way we can, and together we will keep building a stronger community.


[Our Alumnus & Event Officer Tamunomiebaka Dibi]