Jeroen at JADE Spring Conf 2018


A key goal of the EIT Alumni in 2018 is to improve its visibility through increased external representation.  One aspect of this is to offer alumni the chance to take part in interesting and inspiring events across Europe.
EIT Alumni Ambassadors will have the chance to further develop their entrepreneurial skills, while also supporting the growth of the EIT Alumni Community.

At the beginning of March, Jeroen van Lent (our Alumnus), took part in the JADE Spring Conference as a Jury member on behalf of the EIT Alumni. He was asked to present the 'Most Innovative Junior Enterprise Award'.
This is the second time the EIT Alumni has collaborated with JADE. We look forward to a continuing productive and fruitful relationship.


Read Jeroen's story below:

From the 8th until the 10th of March, the JADE Spring Conference took place in Brussels. On behalf of the EIT Alumni, I had the pleasure to attend and to be a part of the Jury awarding their best Junior Enterprise. JADE is a European umbrella organization for Junior Enterprises, established and managed by students. Their Spring Conference brought over 400 representatives from all around Europe to Brussels, to attend workshops, exchange best practices and get inspired.

It was very insightful to see the incredible level of the Junior Enterprises in the JADE network. The pitches for the excellence awards were extremely high in quality and serve as a good example on how to establish a business. You can see that this incredible group of young people has a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship similar to the EIT Alumni Ecosystem. Just like us, they are very passionate about their businesses and the JADE network gives them unique opportunities for networking and further expansion.

My role, as a part of the jury, was to award the “Most Innovative Junior Enterprise” award. Especially in this category the innovative potential of the Junior Enterprises was impressive. The enterprise JuniorISEP developed a very innovative concept reinventing medical consultations through a remote connection with the doctor, while Junior CentraleSupélec developed an innovative factory navigation to control the stock cycle based on the hololens technology. Both junior enterprises worked hard to impress their client using state-of-the-art modern technologies.

I would like to thank JADE and the EIT Alumni for the opportunity to participate in the Jury and look forward to many more great enterprises in the future!

It is great to see the EIT Alumni taking an active role in key EIT activities. Keep up to date with our social media channels for updates on other ways which you can put your entrepreneurial talents to use, attend exciting events and support the EIT Alumni Community.


[originally posted on the EIT Alumni website]