I am proud of introducing our unique style for social media posts

A few questions to Anna Prudnikova on what it means to be the Marketing & Communications Officer of the Board.


What do you work on as the Marketing & Communications Officer? What skills are required in these works?

My main activities involve working with the web-site (to post news and updates) and social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Linkdein. Another big source of communication that is happening is a regular newsletter that we share with all subscribed Alumni. Moreover, posting photos and videos on Youtube is part of the job. For marketing the main activities include working on all the graphical elements that represent EIT Digital Alumni and preparing all the “goodies” that everyone likes! The main tools that I use include working with figma to create graphics, hootsuite for social media channels and mailchimp for newsletter. Photoshop skills are appreciated but not required ;) 


What have you achieved in your mandate 2021-2023 as the Marketing & Communications Officer?

I think the coolest things I have achieved is a uniform style for posts on social media which is quite distinguishable. Another thing I am proud of is multiple types of goodies we created for different events and especially with our bright blue t-shirts created for Alumni board members and darker blue for local reps. 


What could you have done better or differently during your mandate?

I would have liked to focus more on communication strategy, I had a lot of ideas in the beginning of the term. But since our main goal was to bring the engagement of alumni back on track, this was postponed and substituted by operational tasks to promote events. Ideas are still there, so I will be glad to share them with the next MarComm Officer. Hopefully with engagement being back on track and the support of the Community Manager it will leave more time to work on global things to improve communication. 

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