Extraordinary Board Elections - November 2020

Following the very unfortunate resignation of our former Technology Officer, Teodor, we are opening this round of elections to find a new Technology Officer for the next half-year until the next board elections.


Technology Officer

The Technology Officer will bring a strategic vision about the future enhancements for our alumni portal, identify technological solutions to improve the engagement of the community, offer new services to our members and work closely with the external web developer in the role of Product Owner. This position may involve travelling across Europe as member of the EIT Digital Alumni board, depending on the current COVID-19 Pandemic.


Election Schedule

Open Call for Candidates: 12th October - 8th November 2020
Election Voting: 14th November - 28th November 2020
Announcement of New Technology Officer: 30th November 2020


Frequent questions

What is the EIT Digital Alumni Board?

  • The EIT Digital Alumni Board carries out the operational tasks to accomplish the non-profit purpose and objectives described in Art. 3 and Art. 16 of the Foundation Statutes. It also advises on strategy, with a goal of increasing and enhancing engagement among its network of alumni
  • The EIT Digital Alumni Board is accountable to the Governing Board
  • The EIT Digital Alumni Board is different from the EIT Alumni Board, which gathers the President or a representative of each individual EIT KIC

Who can apply?

  • Alumni members: Graduates of the EIT Digital Master School, Doctoral School or former employees of EIT Digital
  • Graduand Master School students who have already received or will receive their EIT Digital labelled certificate by November 30th, 2020

Who can vote?

  • Full alumni members with a user account and confirmed graduation status in our portal

For what period are the new board members elected?

  • The Technology Officer position is open for one term starting from December 2020 until July 2021, thus aligning with the current Board members


Becoming a member of the Alumni Board is a great opportunity to enhance your professional skills, network with key actors inside the EIT Digital ecosystem and take a leading role in the creation of new benefits for all our members. If you are a full alumnus/alumna, or will become one soon, apply to join us!

Meet the candidates here.