Ashleigh, our new Community Manager!


Exponential growth of the Alumni Foundation has of course resulted in exponential growth in the amount of work for the Alumni Board. In order to keep up with increasing membership requests and activities, an operational position has been created to support the scaling of our community.
Please join us in welcoming Ashleigh Hruz, our new Alumni Community ManagerRead on to learn more about Ashleigh and the work she will be doing to help our community thrive.

“In my last job, I had an aloof colleague who couldn’t remember anyone. Almost six months after my start date, and with a furrow in his brow, he asked me who I was and why I was there. The moment was as painful as it sounds. To avoid awkward encounters in the future, I’m here to answer your pressing questions!

Who are you?

I am a Higher Ed professional with experience in university operations, communications, and recruitment. My experience in dynamic and international settings landed me the position of EIT Digital Alumni Community Manager. In this position, I will provide operational support to the Alumni Board.
Though originally from the US, I live in Belgium and work out of EIT Digital’s Brussels Headquarters. In my free time, I am learning Dutch and restoring mid-century furniture and clothing.

What are you working on?

I have been hired into the role of Alumni Community Manager. This loosely means I provide operational support to the Alumni Board to keep everything running.
More concretely, in my first weeks I verified 200+ membership applications and cleaned enrollment lists. In the process I ‘got to know you’ by reading your LinkedIn profiles, your personal blurbs on the Alumni website, and anything else Google pulled up. It has never been tedious. I have even had a few laughs along the way with common names and erroneous results; should I attribute a student’s name to a professional martial arts fighter, singing talent show contestant, or IT professional? But more important than my amusement, I saw the work you are doing. I know what a diverse and accomplished community you are!

In this last month I have met the Alumni Board, who believes in this community wholeheartedly, as well as professional staff who make it their work to continue building the reputation of the various EIT Digital programs. Now that I know you – the Alumni – and the EIT Digital Ecosystem, I am working with the Alumni Board to support their goal of organizing, engaging, and growing the alumni community.

What is your initial impression of the EIT Digital Alumni?

The EIT Digital Alumni Foundation is still developing. I see it as a place for lifelong learning, for connections to be made and strengthened, and for achievements to be celebrated.
The Alumni Board has done the work of bringing you together virtually as well as organizing in-person events for you. They have been successful. But continued success of your community will only happen if you also contribute.
There are many ways to get involved: organize an event, become a mentor, share job opportunities, update your alumni profile, and share your success stories with us. Simply put, bring your voice to this community.