Stockholm - Alumni Tech Meetup @ Skry


Welcome to our 2nd Alumni Meetup of 2024!

This time we are kindly hosted by Skry, a software firm specializing in mobile platforms, back-end, cloud computing, machine learning and software architecture.

Following the format of our previous meetups, we will have a couple of technical talks and then a mingle with food and snacks.


When: Thursday, 2024-04-04, 17:45 - 20:45
Where: Drottninggatan 78, 111 36 Stockholm

Scheduled Presentations:

  • Data Journey for Organizations 
    Haseeb Asif, Senior Data Engineer @ Electrolux, Master School Alumni 2020
    In this talk, we will explore the evolution from data chaos to clarity, and discuss how organizations transition from scattered data to empowered decision-making.
  • How Skry use LLMs
    Markus Pihl, CEO @ Skry
    At Skry, we are dedicated to streamlining our operations by reducing tedious and time-consuming tasks. We're excited to showcase how we harness the power of AI to tackle these challenges effectively. Join us as we delve into the innovative ways AI transforms our workflows, making them more efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved.


We look forward to see around 35 alumni as well as employees of Skry in the event.


Participation in this event requires registration. The link to the registration form will be sent in our Telegram and Facebook groups on Friday, March 22nd, 18:00. If you are not on our Telegram group, you can find the link to it at the bottom of the Stockholm Group page.

Event Date
Drottninggatan 78, 111 36 Stockholm