Group Description

Even before the founding of The Netherlands Local Community in 2017, our members in Eindhoven had been quite active - organizing the EIT Alumni Startup Days both in 2015 and 2016.

In 2017, we held in Amsterdam our internal hackathon to open source and further develop our website, followed by an informal meetup for our community members living in the city. We then organized a workshop on Blockchain and smart contracts in Eindhoven - where Sandip instructed over 20 participants on how to build their crypto wallet in 1 hour.

Then in November 2018, after the 5th Master School Graduation Ceremony, we organized a great meetup in Eindhoven to officially welcome the new graduates into our community. We can't wait to be welcoming more people into our team - join our Facebook group and help us organize / suggest even more events!

Special thanks to all group members who have previously contributed to the Netherlands Local Community and made it what it is today: Tibor Beke, Ahsan Sadeque and Anna Prudnikova

Currently our Local Representative in the Netherlands is Giovanni Ferronato.

We are looking forward to welcoming more people in our team and for a new Local Representative- Join our Telegram group and help us organize / suggest even more events!

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Group Leader
Giovanni Ferronato