Voting on By-Laws and new Tech Officer

Event Description

This round of voting was opened during the Annual Alumni Meeting (online) on November 14th.

The topics to decide upon are three proposals to amend the Foundation By-Laws and the election of a new Technology Officer (volunteer board member, until July 2021).

  1. Amendment proposal 1: Online Voting
  2. Amendment proposal 2: Quorum during Alumni Board meetings
  3. Amendment proposal 3: Working Groups
  4. Candidates to the position of Technology Officer

Full Alumni members* (Master School graduates, Doctoral School graduates, or former employees of EIT Digital) can vote on these topics.




According to Article III of the Foundation by-laws"Associate members and EIT Digital Friends shall have the right to attend the Alumni Meetings, however they shall not have the right to vote at the meeting. An Alumni Meeting can be organized as an in-person or as an online event."

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