EIT Digital Alumni Coliving 2024 - Sardinia

Event Description


Discover the enchanting setting of Coliving 2024 in Olbia, Sardinia, celebrated for its captivating sea vistas and convenient proximity to the island's most stunning destinations. Positioned just a short car ride away, the city provides easy access to the turquoise waters of Costa Smeralda and the pristine beaches of Porto Brandinchi, Porto Istana, and La Cinta.

Dates and Duration

Coliving 2024 is 

divided into two slots:

  • April 13 to April 27
  • April 27 to May 11

You may choose to join either the first slot, the second slot, or both, for a full month experience.


Nestled along the bustling main street of Olbia, our apartments offer a harmonious blend of work and relaxation, equipped with dedicated workspaces to enhance your productivity. 

Discover details about available flats and pricing at this link


Experience the perfect blend of professional and fun events at Coliving 2024! Our agenda includes networking sessions, engaging workshops, enlightening talks, as well as exciting excursions and water sports activities. Stay tuned for the upcoming months as we unveil the detailed calendar of events. Check this link to explore our activities! 

Do you have any activity you’d like to propose? Contact us at coliving@alumni.eitdigital.eu.

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Event Date
Event Location
Olbia, Sardinia