EIT Alumni CONNECT 2018

Event Description

"Connect, Collaborate, Innovate" with fellow alumni at the EIT Alumni CONNECT 2018, taking place in Budapest on October 5th! EnergyHealthDigitalRaw Materials and Climate: all under one roof! This is one of the best chances you get to truly celebrate the diversity of the EIT Community. We hope you can join us!

How you can apply

Tell us why you should attend this event: we want engaged and proactive members!

Among other things, the participants will have the chance to organize and attend workshops on climate change, energy, health, raw materials and digital transformation. The main theme of these workshops will be fostering cross-community collaboration: get out of your comfort zone, explore topics and challenges from the other Alumni Communities, find synergies between sectors, and learn what the EIT Alumni are doing in different fields. If you are interested in giving a presentation or workshop, please include a short description.

As an additional benefit, two nights accommodation in Budapest (Thursday + Friday) will be provided to chosen applicants. There are just 25 seats reserved for EIT Digital Alumni to attend this unique event! 

Apply before Sunday, August 19th, by following the instructions at the link below:


What we expect from a great application:

  1. The theme is fostering cross-community collaboration. Share with us how your experience can be helpful to the other EIT Alumni communities.
  2. This event is also to reward the most engaged members of our community. How have you contributed so far? Do you plan to do so in the future? Let us know!
  3. A proactive participation (through an activity, talk, workshop…) will give you higher chances of attending the event.
  4. Video presentation is preferred to written letter: this is still a networking event ;-)

Submitted applications will be reviewed by the Alumni Board straight after the deadline. Selected participants will be announced on our website and personally contacted by email in the following weeks.

Event Date
Event Location
Brody Studios