Summary of Board Meeting in Amsterdam

The third physical meeting of the current Board took place on 27-28 August in Amsterdam.  We spent two productive days together, packed with interesting discussions around the short and medium term future of the community. Of course we didn’t forget to have fun either.

As usual, a big topic was the upcoming events. In October the Kick-off is happening in Tallinn and in November the long-awaited Masterschool Graduation is taking place, expecting more than 500 graduates. We, the Alumni Board, would like to welcome the new full members with a fantastic party after the official ceremony. Even though the end of the year seems so far away, we have already started to brainstorm about next year’s Coliving and Annual Meeting. Spoiler alert: expect sunshine and sea! What’s more, we would like to organise a ski trip for those members that are passionate about mountains and winter sports! 

We talked about the engagement of the community, the network of volunteers (local representatives) and working groups.  In December the local representatives will come together in Milan for workshops and team building activities.


Financial sustainability is also a recurring topic at our Board meetings and this one was no exception. We as an organisation aim to head towards being self-sustainable. We’re still in the process of figuring out the what, when and how, but we agree on the high level strategic view:

- We want to make events profitable by bringing in more funding from partners. 

- To scale our operational capacity, we plan to join forces with other KICs and EIT Alumni.  

- We’re considering contributions from the community, e.g by donations or membership fees for premium benefits, such as early bird access to events, 


It’s crazy how fast time flies.. We have just started our two-year mandate, but at this board meeting, we already started to discuss next year’s board election, which will take place in the spring.


Stay tuned! If you have any questions or suggestions, get in touch with us via!