Second physical meeting of the current Board

The second physical meeting of the current Board took place on 12-13 February in Fuerteventura, where we successfully launched the first ever EIT Digital Co-Living earlier in the month with around 25 participants experiencing the digital nomad lifestyle with surfing and beautiful sunsets by the sea.  

We had a sunny weekend, full of productive sessions and great ideas, which resulted in plenty of action items and takeaways for each Board member to work on.

On Saturday we discussed the strategy, goals and the future of the Alumni Foundation. We collected our individual motivations for why we spend our free time volunteering for the community of EIT Digital Alumni members. We also touched on one of the most important topics: the engagement of the community. We have a number of significant events coming up, such as the Alumni Hack and the Annual Meeting. We allocated time to think about ways to build stronger collaboration with other KICs.

On Sunday we focused on the financial sustainability of the Foundation. We have come up with ideas, the next step is to experiment and test the hypotheses. Related to this, our next key topic on the agenda was partnerships. We plan to diversify and better utilise existing collaborations.  As we aim to be more data driven, we collected ideas on what and how to measure and discussed future improvements of the website

Stay tuned! If you have any questions or suggestions, get in touch with us via!