Nordic Women in Tech Awards - Dipika Baad

EIT Digital has many amazing talents as well as success stories, and we are very pleased to share with you the latest great news. Recently, two of our EIT Digital Alumni community members have received the Nordic Women in Tech Awards and we couldn’t be prouder!

Who are the winners, what is their EIT Digital background and what do they say about their achievements? Today, let us introduce one of the Nordic Women in Tech who received the “Developer of the year” award - Dipika Baad.

Dipika Baad
Dipika Baad

Dipika kicked-off her EIT Digital studies of Data Science and Entrepreneurship at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, and later continued at Aalto University in Finland. She is currently working as a Senior Data Consultant at Netlight Consulting in Helsinki and is also a co-founder of the company HuskyCodes.

"I am a Coder at heart and professionally a Data Engineer/ML Specialist as a consultant. I love solving problems that involve combining knowledge from different fields like Software Engineering, design to AI. I am also the founder of a company in Finland where I find it fulfilling to build apps that can solve customers' problems using my expertise."

Dipika’s award “Developer of the year” is awarded to an individual who has made a meaningful and lasting contribution to the technological area of software development, and who has developed creative solutions to problems that were solved with code.

Congratulations to Dipika and best wishes for her successful future!


Nordic Women in Tech Awards is an initiative by WonderCoders to create role models and celebrate the progress of getting more women interested in tech. Their goal is to see women’s hard work and success being recognized more broadly.