New partnership deals are here!

Last few months we were working hard to arrange additional benefits for EIT Digital Alumni and we are proud to announce the new deals! 

First of all, the Flixbus deal is backEnjoy your 10% discountFlixBus is a global tech start-up, e-commerce platform, and mobility provider that is revolutionizing the way people travel all over the world. With unbeatable prices, comfortable seats, and free Wi-Fi, traveling by bus has never been easier. Flixbus is Affordable, Convenient and Eco-Friendly, with more than 400,000 daily connections to more than 2,000 destinations in 35 countries, FlixBus offers you the opportunity to discover all of Europe. Redeem your 10% FlixBus voucher through FlixBus App, travel with green buses and enjoy your ride!

Moreover, we made a deal with a big Co-Working space provider Croissant. Croissant is a subscription-based service that allows you to work in a big network of co-working spaces in some of the biggest cities of Europe and USA (also in other locations) with the same subscription (no need to subscribe for each city). It has a hour-based model, and not a day-based one: this means that for example with one subscription you can attend 40 hours per month to different co-working spaces. For EIT Digital Alumni they are offering 30% discount for all their subscriptions for the first 3 months.

To support our alumni in their careers, we also secured the partnership with EnhanCV! Enhancv offers services to help you make your resume/CV such as resume builder, resume templates (which are tailored for you), resume examples and proofreading. Also, they are offering Career Counseling from experts to help you move in the direction you want. The deal for Alumni includes 20% discount on all of their services!

Last but not least, we want to support you with continuing your learning path! For that we agreed on a collaboration with EIT Digital Professional School to have up to 50% discount on all of their courses! EIT Digital Professional School courses help businesses and entrepreneurs access and acquire breakthrough digital innovation knowledge. The courses happen both on-line and live in classes, so make sure to check their web-site and follow up on updates! 

All the codes and instructions on how to receive the discount will be sent to you in the Newsletter, so make sure to check your inbox.