Meeting professional and inspiring fellows is my pleasure

A few questions to Jiayao Yu on what it means to be the Marketing & Communications (MarComms) Officer of the Board.


What do you work on as the MarComms Officer? What skills are required in these works?

"I'm responsible for the internal and external communications of the Foundation. I manage @digitalumni social media accounts, design communication content (e.g., Annual Report, roll-up, marketing videos), and manage the growth of our communication channels. I often assist the Events Officer in event promotion, and work with the Outreach & Partnerships Officer to provide communication support to partners and sponsors.

"To take on the MarComms Officer role requires a good command of spoken and written English. It will be a bonus if you have experience with social media management, copywriting or graphic design."


What have you achieved in your mandate 2019-2021 as the MarComms Officer?

"I learnt to optimise the communication channels by analysing existing channel engagement and complementing them with new channels. I also streamlined the marketing process by analytics, scheduling, and documentation. In addition, I happily got the chance to be an "in-house" designer to establish a new branding for the Foundation, design various prints and promotional materials, as well as do user research to improve the user experience of our Alumni website. Oh yeah, I also had the pleasure during my mandate to attend ecosystem events in several European cities to meet professional and inspiring fellows."


What could you have done better or differently during your mandate?

"Interacting more with other stakeholders in the ecosystem, such as colleagues from EIT Digital Academy and Accelerator - we have been enhancing the connections, but there is still a lot more to be done! So we, as the Alumni community, provide values to and create synergy with them. 

"The new branding needs to be populated in all of our public presence, to make sure our community branding is consistent and memorable."


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