Meet the participants of the EIT Digital Alumni Startup Contest 2021

The Startup Contest, previously known as the Ambassador Program, provides unique opportunities and support for the emerging startups within our Alumni community.

In the 2021 edition we’ve once again received truly amazing applications and the winner (Greenele Oy) got the opportunity to showcase their business project in the most recognized tech conferences in Europe.

Let's start with our winner and take a closer look what they do. 

  • Greenele Oy

Greenele is developing electric vehicle charging solutions and will disrupt the EV charging market with a unique concept of combining Type 2 technology with the low power of 3,7 kW.

This combination together with key functionalities like authentication, metering, billing, load balancing and beautiful design is exactly what the market needs. Greenele is aiming to bring charging for the masses by making charging as affordable and easy as possible.

Greenele is entering the market in 2022 and working to make the future more sustainable.

Take a closer look at who some of the contestants are and what they do:

  • Fabula Interactive

Fabula Interactive offers immersive and interactive clinical environments through the use of Virtual Reality, in which users can live the simulated experience true to reality.

The project arises from a real need in the current medical education: the costs and accessibility of practical courses make learning in the field complex and unnatural. Not all postgraduates and medical students have equal opportunities to gain experience in what they have studied. Fabula has responded to this need by offering innovative learning tools thanks to the use of this technology.

Fabula offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in a simulated work environment faithfully reconstructed in 3D and to interact with the tools and models that are part of it, guaranteeing an innovative training path. This is possible thanks to a team of developers experienced in VR/3D modeling supported by experts in the healthcare sector, creating a perfect mix between experience and innovation.

  • Scalee

Scalee takes a new approach to keep people motivated and efficient in their fitness routines by making body composition measurements simple, accurate, affordable and private.

They provide an innovative connected scale as a vending machine to gym members so that they can check regularly their progress and know exactly what to focus on. The cloud-based solution stores data securely and makes it available at any time via informative reports and trends.

With Scalee, gyms and other fitness venues benefit from increased customer motivation and subsequent loyalty, from attaining innovative and caring image attracting new customers and from getting extra opportunities for upselling personal trainers’ services through a fact-based engagement.

  • SpotMe

Psoriasis is a genetic disease that causes red, itchy patches to appear on the skin and for which there is no cure. People with psoriasis often have low self-esteem, feeling ashamed of their bodies. Their discomfort with showing their skin in public spaces causes them to avoid places like gyms, swimming pools, and beaches or hide their skin under clothes, making them undetectable.

The solution to this negative feedback loop is SpotMe, a mobile application that helps keep track of psoriasis flare-ups, offers activities to stimulate positive reinforcement, and connects users to a community that shares similar struggles. This modern solution will replace the old-fashioned existing solutions, which lack community aspects and toolkits for both physical and mental well-being.

SpotMe has many features to support overall well-being whether it is used in community or private mode. The community features include anonymous polls to view the community’s collective opinions, a map to discover nearby users, and inspirational stories. On their personal profile, users have a gallery of photographs for flare-up tracking, an inventory to keep track of products to avoid, and an empowering digital avatar.