Join the EIT Alumni Startup Days!


The second edition of the EIT Alumni Startup Days will take place simultaneously in six European cities (Eindhoven, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and Lisbon) over a 54 hour period from the 2-4 December 2016. With over 200 participants and organizers expected on the day, this European-wide event will create experiences, ideas and solutions to drive innovation across Europe.

The EIT Alumni Startup days is a community building initiative that enhances cooperation across the EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities. By bringing together students, graduates, researchers, developers, young professionals and start-up enthusiasts in 6 cities across Europe for a 54 hour event, we connect a global network of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Challenges addressed by the participants will come from corporate sponsors, companies within the local innovation ecosystem or EIT Alumni members wanting to expand and seek help for their start-up propositions.

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