I aim to ensure the overall sustainability of the EIT Digital Alumni Foundation

A few questions to Jeroen van Lent on what it means to be the President of the Board.

What do you work on as the President? What skills are required in these works?

As President, I aim to ensure the overall sustainability of the EIT Digital Alumni Foundation. This concretely means that I support the rest of the Board with their individual tasks and coordinate the overarching Alumni Board tasks and initiatives. Besides that, I’m often the face of the EIT Digital Alumni in meetings with external stakeholders, EIT Digital or the EIT and while presenting the work of our community to the rest of the world. I try to ensure future planning and accurate reporting to EIT digital and sit on the EIT Alumni Board as well.

What have you achieved in your mandate 2021-2023 as the President?

For me, the years following the pandemic were important to reactivate the EIT Digital Alumni community and I believe we did just that. I’m very proud we have managed to restart most of our local communities and organised a few very big events. The co-living, Annual Meetings and graduation party were definitely not easy to organise, but they managed to bring together many new and older members. 

Furthermore I’m happy with our work behind the scenes to make the EIT Digital Alumni a little bit more sustainable and ready for the future. Many of our events now require less funding from EIT Digital and 2023 brings an opportunity to hire new community support and freelancers to work on important projects. 


Why should people apply to be the next President?

The position comes with a lot of fun opportunities to further develop yourself. As for all Board positions, I don’t think anyone would ever feel fully ready to lead the association but that is what makes this position so exciting. The work as President is super diverse, from helping out in the organisation of the meetings, to defining strategy with the EIT and everything in between. It’s a unique opportunity to get more involved, develop your vision for the EIT Digital Alumni and implement it!


Interested in this position? Apply now to be the next President or ask Jeroen van Lent for more information!