Grow Digital conference

Alumni Board members were recently representing the community at the EIT Digital’s flagship conference on Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing, Metaverse and Green Digital. The two-day long event took place in Brussels between May 31 - June 01, and it was a great opportunity to hear the latest news about digital innovation, network with key players from industry, research and academia, and establish new business relations.

Grow Digital

Besides many interesting talks about tech innovation, attendees of the conference also had a chance to enjoy professional networking and panel discussions. One of the most interesting ones was on the topic of “Growing digital talent in Europe”, where Jeroen van Lent, the President of the EIT Digital Alumni Foundation, was one of the panellists. Together with other experienced leaders in the field, he shared his views on making Europe attractive for digital talent through excellence in higher education, rich ecosystems, attractive job opportunities, and closing capability gaps.

Grow Digital

The conference also focused on cybersecurity, quantum computing and technology sovereignty.

“Digitization cannot be achieved without cooperation, which must be the basis for the safe use of technology. An active social and political dialogue, which also takes into account economic and industrial interests, is needed.”

One of the key takeaways of the Grow Digital conference is the important role of tech education (and therefore also alumni of EIT Digital's programmes) in today’s world of business and innovation, as well as the need for more tech professionals with entrepreneurial mindset.