EIT Alumni Connect 2021

The annual meet-up of the EIT Alumni, EIT Alumni Connect 2021, happened on 11 December 2021.

This year’s topic was Innovation for Impact and Positive Change: Moving from Words to Action. It was an interactive and engaging online event with plenty of lively discussions and a keynote speech from Razvan Nicolescu, an EIT Governing Board Member and an expert in renewable energy and climate action.

The KICs have shared an update on the biggest challenges and achievements of 2021 for their community and how they plan to drive action in their 2022 mission. The participants had a chance to take an active part in a variety of thought-provoking and challenging dialogues about various topics for each KIC, such as the contribution of Digital transformation to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The event also included speedy networking sessions, which turned out to be a great way to (re-)connect with the members of different KICs.

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EIT Alumni Connect brings together members from EIT Health, EIT Digital, EIT Food, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Climate-KIC, EIT RawMaterials, EIT Urban Mobility, and EIT Manufacturing.