BIG NEWS – EIT Digital Alumni Co-living 2022

[Update 3: News about the list of attendees, booking, and more, on the 9th of December!! 😉]

[Update 2: The pre-registration form is now closed.]

[Update: The pre-registration form will be open until Tuesday, November 30th at 18:00]

Would you like to escape from the dark and cold winter to work from an exotic, sunny, warm destination while at the same time connecting (or reconnecting) with your fellow EIT Digital Alumni people? Are you curious about what the digital nomad experience is? We got you covered! We are launching a new initiative offering you this possibility so you don’t need to think twice 😉

Go to the beach, enjoy the warm sun, surf, kitesurf, windsurf, connect with the alumni and with other digital nomads through networking activities, do talks, pitches, participate in fun workshops… (and don’t forget remote-work!) are just some of the things we could do together! Does it sound interesting enough?


What? Co-living experience with your beloved EIT Digital Alumni fellows.

Where? Corralejo, Fuerteventura island, Canary Islands, Spain

When? February/March 2022

For how long? 1-2 months (we recommend at least 1 full month to get the 100% digital nomad experience) (it can be less time, if 1-2 months are too much)

How many people? 40-50 people max per month.

Space? Two apart-hotels, with co-working spaces and event facilities.

Price? Approximately 500-750 euros per person in a 2-people shared apartment incl. community manager fee (travel, food costs, extra activities and other living expenses are not covered)

Activities? Talks, workshops, outdoor exploring, water sports, and much more.

What does the EIT Digital Alumni board take care of? Housing + community management organizing events and co-living. 


How do I apply?

On Monday 15th of November at 18:00 we will release a preregistration form in which you will be able to answer to your:

  • Availability (February or March)
  • Duration of your stay (1 month, 2 months, or less)
  • Selected hotel and selected room/apartment.
  • Are you going to share the room/apartment? With who? Is he/she another alumni or an external person?
  • What activities are you interested in? Surf, kitesurf, etc.
  • Do you want at some point to do a pitch, talk, workshop, etc?
  • Any other feedback or ideas you want to share with us?
  • (Maybe something more)

Remember that Bristol Sunset Beach has limited apartments, so first come, first served! Mark this date and time in your calendar, set an alarm, or whatever you need so you don’t miss out! Also make sure that your alumni email and credentials are up-to-date!

It is also important that, before applying to the pre-registration form, you have checked that you are able to come to the Canary Islands for 1 or 2 months. You might need to ask your managers, employees, family, couple… that you can do this (if you need to ask them, of course). Don’t wait until the last minute.

About the preregistration form, it doesn’t mean that you are fully (100%) committed to do the trip, but let’s say that you are almost sure you can make it. You won’t need to pay anything until December, which is when we will need to pay a reservation to the hotels to make a proper booking of the apartments and rooms. So far the hotels are keeping the apartments for us  without paying any reservation, but this special condition can’t last for much longer.


Our activities

On top of living together in the same hotels and attending cool activities such as surfing or kitesurfing, we also need to do things together in dedicated spaces so we have the opportunity to further engage the community and share ideas with each other. Otherwise the coliving experience wouldn’t be anything different from some sort of holiday with work, right?

Once or twice per week we will arrange the following activities:

  • Networking: internally and externally with all the digital nomads that are currently living in Corralejo and surroundings! You will make new friends 
  • Talks and pitches: maybe you have a new business idea and you want to pitch it with us to get new perspectives? Or maybe you are really interested about a topic or you are  working on a project and you want to share it with the rest? Now it is your opportunity!
  • Workshops: maybe a brainstorming session thinking about what we could do during our stay in Fuerteventura? Or about possible destinations and activities for the next coliving experience? 🙃

In any case, don’t worry! we won’t make them boring! We know that instead of being in a workshop about a topic you are not interested in, you could be lying and sun-bathing on the beach like a lizard. But we promise you will have fun, because fun is the most important thing for all of us. Random thought: what if we even arrange some of these activities on the beach? How cool would it be to have a pitch session on the beach?



  • November 2021: co-living announcement + preregistration
  • December 2021: hotel reservation + prepayment
  • January 2022: activities registration (e.g., surf, kitesurf, rentals, etc) + other logistics
  • February/March 2022: EIT Digital Alumni co-living


For housing and activities, preference will be given to:

  1. Full Alumni members (Master School graduates, PhDs, or former employees) 
  2. Associate members, Summer School and Professional School participants
  3. Potential Alumni (current students at the Master School / PhD)
  4. Other members (partners from ARISE or other EIT organisations, etc)
  5. Companion of above members (i.e. 1 person to share the room with)


We have more information to share with you, so can find more details: