Annual Report 2021

2021 has been a year with ups and downs. Together with the rest of the world, we have been excited to re-open, engage and meet. A year that started off with many innovative online events and concluded with some good opportunities to meet in person. Although 2021 has been tricky at times, it did not limit us to come together to network and learn from each other

While locked at home, the EIT Digital Alumni organised a second series of our online knowledge sharing events, the Tuesday Afterworks, selected our Start-up of the year 2021, and participated in an online hackathon battling the spread of fake news. Once things re-opened, our members hosted various successful events in Helsinki, Madrid and Berlin and we gathered with over 80 alumni in Stockholm for our flagship event, the Annual Meeting.

2021 also marked the election of a new EIT Digital Alumni Board, various meetings to design our future and an opportunity to train our most active volunteers. Another highlight was the launch of our renewed website with a freshly updated design and new features. We managed to expand our reach and engage with more recent alumni.

Let’s remind ourselves of all the highlights of the year - the Annual Report 2021 is hot off the press, so enjoy the read!