Alumni Hack 2022

This year's edition of the Alumni Hack with the theme "Networking in the Digital Era" was held on the weekend 26-27 March. Six teams of participants joined us from all over the world with some local hubs located in Helsinki, Milan, The Hague and Berlin.

It was an intense weekend with a lot of collaboration between teams and plenty of innovative and creative ideas! The solutions were evaluated by the jury according to the following criteria:

1. Impact on improving the challenge;
2. Scalability;
3. Business model;
4. Prototype;
5. Innovativeness.


The Alumni Hack 2022 winner is the team "How do I exit VIM?" from the Hague with their MatchBot - Light a Match! Congratulations to Liza Staravoitava and Hylke Visser and good luck with your future developments! 

Their idea was to address the problem of "Identifying people to connect at online networking events" by matching small groups of 4-5 like minded people (e.g. same interests, attending the same talks and workshops) into audio+video calls. This can be achieved by AI-powered service to find the best matches for meaningful conversation at a professional event by integrating into existing conference platforms.

We've also awarded the Social Prize winner - the team "TNT" from Helsinki. Their solution called Quackle is a web service that asynchronously introduces you to another alumnus, optionally through a small ice-breaking challenge, which is an idea we would like to implement within the entire EIT Alumni ecosystem.


A big thanks to all the participants for their work, Kimitisik for the facilitation of the event, and our juries for joining us and making this event happen!